Caffeine May Ease the ‘Ouch’ of Exercise

Sept. 17, 2003 — Your morning glass of coffee may do more than deliver you a jar to urge you going, it may moreover make your workout less difficult.

A modern ponder recommends that caffeine diminishes exercise-induced muscle torment. Researchers say pain-relieving effects of caffeine may actually help explain why caffeine has been shown to progress endurance.

Analysts say the mechanisms behind what causes muscle torment aren’t clearly understood because distinctive tissues within the body can trigger diverse types of torment, depending on the individual.

“Muscle compressions deliver a host of biochemicals that can stimulate pain,” says analyst Patrick O’Connor, teacher of exercise science at the University of Georgia, in a news discharge.

Caffeine Blunts Muscle Torment

In this think about, analysts monitored 16 young men as they rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes on two partitioned days. The intensity of the work out was the same on both days and was outlined to be strenuous and induce muscle torment.

On each day, the participants took either a caffeine pill or placebo pill one hour before the exercise session.

The study appeared that the riders reported significantly less torment in their thigh muscles after taking the caffeine pill than when they took the placebo.

But researchers say the impacts of caffeine on diminishing muscle torment were less noteworthy among heavy caffeine clients since the caffeine had altered their pain receptors.

The results appear in the Eminent issue of the Diary of Pain.

But there are still more questions that require replying. Researcher Robert Motl, assistant professor of kinesiology at University of Illinois says, “The another step is to memorize how caffeine helps people feel less muscle torment amid exercise. We don’t know however whether the caffeine is acting on muscles or the brain.”

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